1000 Words contemporary online photography magazine.
37th Frame the best of the photojournalism on the internet.
Ahorn Magazine contemporary photography.
Adore Noir contemporary black and white photography.
Ain’t-Bad a quarterly print publication that focuses on the work of emerging photographers

All About Photo photography resources - events, contests, listings
American Suburb X
BlueEyes Magazine online photography magazine dedicated to documentary project work.
Burn Magazine a journal for emerging photographers.
Chambre Noire a french online photography magazine.
Day Four Magazine a magazine of personal work, by photographers, writers and other creative people.
Daylight Magazine publishes photographic essays on important issues of the
Deep Sleep quarterly online photography magazine.
Dide magazine of Iranian contemporary photography.

Diddipix a camera club for kids
Diffusion focuses on unconventional photographic processes and photo related artwork.
Enter magazine of the world press photo education department.
Excerpt online publication about photo-based practice. 
EyesCoffee online black and white photography magazine. 
Fantom publication about the uses and abuses of photography. 
File Magazine online magazine that collects and displays photographs that treat subjects in unexpected ways.
Fixation Magazine a quarterly, themed, mostly-analog and instant publication 
Flak Photo online magazine featuring great photography and information about books and events.
Focus fine art photography magazine (print)
Fotografia Quartely a polish photography magazine.
Foto8 a site for photojournalism
fototazo social giving and photography. 
Fraction Magazine an online outlet for aspiring and established photographers to show their work.
Girls on Film a contemporary photography zine which showcases portraits taken with film cameras.
Gomma print photography magazine.
Gooseflesh photography magazine that mainly showcasse the work of artists who are Glasgow born, based, and associated
i love that photograph photography and interviews
Incandescent a color film zine. 
iN-PUBLiC promotes street photography.
JPG print photography magazine.
la pura vida online and print magazine contemporary documentary and fine art photography.
Lay Flat a print magazine of contemporary fine art photography and writing on the medium.

lenscratch features the work of individual photographers daily.
Lens Culture online magazine of international contemporary photography, art, media, and world cultures.

Light Leakedonline photography journal that creates dialogue about photographic creation, both conceptually and in business, through features and interviews.
Lomography magazine for and about lomography. 
Lunatic creative contemporary photojournalism.
National Geographic Photography

Orta Format online photography magazine.
PH Magazine art of photography monthly magazine
Phases online photography magazine focusing on young contemporary photography.

PHOTO/arts Magazine photography and contemporary art topics.
Photo-Eye Magazine online magazine for photo-eye. book reviews and articles.
Photograph Magazine USA guide to photo-based art with listings of exhibitions, private dealers, resources, and websites.
Pixel Press for documentary projects utilizing the new possibilities of digital media.
Pixels + Prose dedicated to the art and science of photography.
Plates to Pixels fine art photography exhibitions and interviews
Posi+Tive Magazine an italian online photography magazine.
Purpose - online photography magazine from France.
SeeSaw online photography magazine.
Shots Magazine reader submitted print magazine. 
Social Documentary features documentary photography from around the world—images and words that explore the human condition.
Square Magazine photography magazine dedicated to the square format.
Stereoscope Magazine is a student produced magazine at the University of St Andrew.s 
Super Massive Black Hole photographic imagery resulting from the time-based processes found in many interdisciplinary art practices today.
Tonelit photography magazine. 
Unless You Will an online magazine dedicated to contemporary photography 
Without Lenses a quarterly journal exploring the art and craft of lensless photography.

Zone Zero photography that offers sensible, informed insight of what is happening in our world and that understands the relevance of technology in the creative process


A Photo Editor
Daylight Magazine Blog
Digital Darkroom Blog 
eye curious
Feature Shoot
Guest Blog CCNY
Lens - nytimes photo blog
Marketing Photos with MVS
Mrs. Deane
*National Geographic Found 
Notes on Politics, Theory & Photography

Prison Photography
Photographer’s Speak
Raw File - wired magazine photo blog
The Photo Book
The Photography Post
Verve Photo
We Can Shoot Too


11 Tips for Entering Competitions


Center Offers awards, grants, portfolio reviews and other photography programming.

Center for Documentary Studies

Collect.Givea place to collect contemporary photography and donate to worthy causes at the same time.
Forward Thinking Museum
Hey, Hot Shot! a website supporting emerging photographers.

Kids with Cameras website for the organization that teaches the art of photography to marginalized children in communities around the world.

Light Work gallery, residency program, grants and community darkroom.

Magnum Photos a photo agency founded by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David “Chim” Seymour

Mary Virginia Swanson photography consultant. information on the business of photography,marketing and events.

NAPO images an image agency promoting documentary photography

Women in Photography a showcase of photogrpahy by women. a new featured artist twice a month.

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